I‘m building a startup studio. It’s called lyser.io.

Basically, what I do is I get a lot of ideas. I filter them against a few criterias and if they pass, I build them to see if some people can find value in them.

Sometimes it fails, sometimes it works.

It’s a lot of experimentation, failure and learning. If that’s something that interests you, maybe you’ll enjoy reading what I write.

Then I try to monetise the ideas, that’s the tricky part, that I’m still trying to figure out. Because even if you provide value, and you get interest, doesn’t mean people will actually pay for it.

I’ll write what I learn here, hoping it can be of use to others.

You’ll receive new posts directly in your inbox. I won’t spam or write too much, it’s less than a post per month on average.

Oh, if you’d like to connect, or just talk about an idea, my inbox is open at vince@lyser.io .